Who we are

We are a passionate team with years of experience across many industries, united by our goal to design the best possible future



Creating spaces and providing resources for collaboration, research, tests, exhibitions, and business projects

We support projects aimed at solving modern city problems, advancing data-driven management, and decentralizing processes, data, and other aspects of city life.

Attracting leading experts and inviting citizens, collaborators, and investors to join

We bring in artists, scientists, sociologists, engineers, developers, environmentalists, architects, and other specialists. We're open to various forms of cooperation with devoted people.

Rethinking urban life through a culture of openness and exploration

From architecture and regenerative technologies to economics and virtual environments, we research and test our findings to publicly share the results and frameworks with other communities.

Our vision
We need to learn to hear and listen to ourselves. To get rid of the scales of external valuation, acceptance, and success. We want people to have a tool for self-awareness and to get rid of imposed mindsets. We want to show and share that this is acquired through habits and simple daily actions.
Our vision
We believe in showing people how it feels to live in harmony with themselves, their community, nature, and advanced technologies. This inspires them to become points of transformation, spreading the idea that you shouldn’t fear following your heart and living as you wish.
Live in harmony
Our vision
This community would support development and guide self-discovery without putting pressure on it. This will show how we can re-explore and re-imagine every aspect of urban life together, drawing a picture that everyone can live in.
Strong community
Our vision
We explore how self-organization, decentralization, co-creation, and openness in all aspects affect change. We actively translate the results of our experiments to the outside and following our principles, we accept external partners to join us in co-creation.
Explore to change
who we are


James Larkin
Concept construction Design
Daler Arabov
System Integration
Sasha Fando
Video Operation
Frederick Stimmel
Water, Lighting, and Technology
Filipp Milash
Urban Architecture Design
Eduardo Valdes
Operations and Mechanics
Nataliya Sturza
Brand Strategist
Robert Sharafutdinof
Construction Management
Eugene Brokhin
Art Lightning Production
Audria Evelinn
Regenerative and Food Systems
Konstantin Gordon
Finance and Administrative
Felix Angkasa
Scrum and Facilitation
Alexandr Solonin
Cultural Curation
Intan Dewi
Secretary Administration
Niko Kononov
Lightening and Technical
Ichwan Sawiri
Finance and Administration
Ayu Widayanti
Human Resources
Anna Nebosova
Education and Interiors
Nikolay Pusev
Metaverse Production
Michael Sturtz
Education Design
Key values

Our Key Values are one of the most important ingredients of our ecosystem guidelines for engaging in this project, community, and idea.

We value creative cooperation and community as essential human needs
Using the “bottom-up” approach, we first engage with local communities and then move towards engaging global ones. We have a lot to learn from the Balinese and their 4000-year-old culture of living in harmony with one another and the island.
We are dedicated to mutual benefit and an open-source approach to knowledge. We are finding ways to share what we have with one another in the community and with the rest of the world through tourism, festivals, seminars, art, and social media.
We are investigating, innovating and learning in everything that we do
This entire project is an experiment co-created to collectively try and establish a brighter future for generations that come after us. We will develop new scalable systems, technologies and practices that can change our future.
A fundamental expression of human nature through art, music, architecture, design, dance, innovation and play, creativity is the theme in which we will express everything we do on this territory.
We aim to create in ways that are not only sustainable but restorative and regenerative to our biosphere
Beyond zero waste, carbon neutrality, renewable energies and sustainable technologies, we need to reverse the damage we’ve caused, increase biodiversity, proliferate viable natural food supplies, and develop new systems that allow us to thrive.
We are dedicated to learning how to use technology to enhance all aspects of our relationship with one another and nature.
Our intention is to boost productivity, improve life quality, and create new possibilities for growth and connection without sacrificing the environment or our health.
We aim to reimagine economic systems and develop symbiotic structures of exchange
Inside the community, we want to find more effective and fair methods of exchanging goods and services. A core part of our practice is a financial mechanism that will use part of what we earn to make an impact outside of our community.
We are dedicated to healthier lifestyles, both physically and physiologically, through better awareness of our minds, emotions, body, creativity, and spirit through holistic wellness, naturopathic, and allopathic healing modalities.
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