Nuanu Is Changing The Way We Live

Everything we do is in service of discovering who we are, what we can contribute, and how we can live more harmoniously with one another.

Who we are

A values-driven community committed to facilitating transformation on a global scale.

Conscious Communication

We agree to learn, and empower ourselves.

Lifelong Learning

Education is the path to wisdom and wisdom is where the answers lie.

Creative Collaboration

We invite people to be part of this experiment.

Regenerative Mindset

Our regenerative mantra is: How can I best serve this moment?

Culture of Celebration

We give thanks by honoring each and every moment as a sacred gift.

Where we are

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from Canggu
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from Tanah Lot
Nuanu is situated on  prime Balinese coastline in the traditional regency of Tabanan. Boasting 2 confluence rivers and 184 metres of ocean bluffs, their own private beach sits at the base of gently rolling hills and expansive greenspace, providing the most stunning natural backdrop.

Creating Regenerative Impact Commitments & Visions

In Nuanu's living ecosystem, we see regeneration as methods, techniques, and practices that support living systems acting in symbiotic exchanges, increasing a system’s ability to self-renew. It is beyond sustainable, beyond 'eco-buildings' and functional green practices.

Education is our social experiment to find an answer to how we can create a brighter future for all generations to come. Our core pillar is Education. We have a vast area of land set aside for this area and will develop new systems and models in the future.

Education, the project’s crown jewel

A living educational experiment creating brave new models of learning that amplify creativity and foster open innovation to radically transform human existence. Accessible, inclusive, and collaborative, our community of local Indonesians, Nuanu residents, and global visitors embark on learning journeys that empower people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other, and the planet.

Want to help us to make changes?

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