The territory of 44 hectares provides 9 re-creation areas


14.8 hectares
A living educational experiment creating brave new models of learning that amplify creativity and foster open innovation to radically transform human existence. Accessible, inclusive, and collaborative, our community of local Indonesians, Nuanu residents, and global visitors embark on learning journeys that empower people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other, and the planet.


1.8 hectares
Art residency, neo-food court, multi-functional space, all-ages playgrounds, ateliers, and artist studios will share and incorporate expression and creativity in this spiral-shaped space.


1.5 hectares
The 12,000 sqm site on the oceanfront will feature a creative hub with a festival and events venue, exploratory playground, and dining in a dreamy Artscape of biomimicry and organic architecture.


4.7 hectares
Five camps break first ground in the area, in a race to meet a challenge and build micro-villages utilizing sustainable and regenerative practices with a goal to brainstorm Impact initiatives and transition into businesses.

Magic garden

7.6 hectares
Sustainable agri-tech showcase and production gardens, aquaponics, water management, composting, community gardens, education space encompassing regenerative food production, environmental restoration and preservation.


1.4 hectares
An immersive experience park curating fantastic environments, events, and humans that blend spirituality, education, and creativity to nourish a new era of holistic humans, artists, and expression. The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are, Labyrinth is a journey of self-discovery.


1 hectare
A multifaceted Health & Wellness complex for modern humans to find optimal health and transformation. Harmony embraces both ancient and modern technologies, traditions, treatments and therapies to exist in tandem with; holistic practices, conscious community events, education, research and training.


3.1 hectares
The area consists of 3 spaces: The Egg, The Wall, and The Hill. The Egg is a Bali event space on 4 levels. A rented space out as a whole venue or parts of it for art, science, and technology exhibitions, industry fairs. The Wall is a commercial area and residential hotel development. A logical addition to the expo with shops, cafes, rooftop bars, etc. The Hill is a landscapes gardens, picnic grounds, and space for open-air exhibitions.


2.1 hectares
Crafting immersive learning experiences with innovative approaches to primary, secondary, and high school education models that empower students to create a human-centric and sustainable technological future. This groundbreaking Phygital cluster merges physical and digital experiences to deepen connection, learning, and impact through explorations of the digital frontier while being guided by empathy-based teaching practices.