Basstatic Dance

November 5th / 6:00-11:00 PM

We invite you to celebrate together the opening of New Bamboo Club at Nuanu.

We will have an earlier start and finish to make it more family friendly. Think city park festival. Picnic rugs, good food, tasteful music, family of friends, drinking tea, throwing frisbees on the lawn, dancing!

4pm: Arrival

Picnic on the Lawn. Free flow play which will include contact improvisation jam, acro yoga, tea ceremonies and other connective experiences. Relaxed, nature atmosphere. Sound, tea, food, and movement medicine.

5:00pm:    Live music concert (classic/ambient/experimental) Maria Kholevo (piano), Artem Demidov (guitar), Misha Talanov (violin)

7:00pm:    Toltech Dj Set

8:30pm:    Roba Grow Dj Set

10:00pm:  Gong Meditation

This is a no alcohol event.

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