In Conversation with Liina Klauss

November 21, 2022

We teamed up with Liina Klauss to shed light on the plastic pollution here in Nyanyi; “How can we ignite the creativity to reuse and repurpose these materials in an effective way?”

Liina Klauss invites us to change our perception of waste and that we make use of existing materials instead of extracting virgin materials.

Dedicated to the environment out of love and concern, Liina has been making art with litter gathered from the beach since 2011, or as she calls it, curating the beach. From mosaics to massive-scale land art to colorful installations, her work aims to educate on the causes, effects, and solutions of plastic pollution.

Creating a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature is at the core of Liina’a art. When asked how she’d visualize her ideal city in the future, Liina describes a sustainable community that looks out for each other — a community that extracts less and lives closer to nature.

What is your ideal city?