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A world-class collaborative environment that enables leaders, innovators, and changemakers to rethink, build, and test new ideas to transform society.

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Point of change

Creating spaces and providing resources to facilitate urban problem-solving
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Rethinking each aspect

Rethinking urban life through a culture of openness and exploration
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Attracting leading experts and inviting citizens, collaborators, and investors to join
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principles and frameworks
Sustainability standards
Ecology and energy data collection sensors, open reports, and dashboards to monitor impact and progress
World-class scientists
Our project’s strong scientific background is scaled through selectively chosen talent
We create a new ecological perspective for the region by involving people with similar values
principles and frameworks
Smart city ioT
An adaptable system that adjusts to its user’s daily routine, regulating device activity to optimize energy use
Management software
Control your home and play active roles in various aspects of city development, ecology, energy, events, economics, new projects, and society members
Digital layer
The metaverse connects and augments the city’s culture with virtual events such as festivals, art fairs, collaborative projects
principles and frameworks
Impact investments
Investment systems that distribute and optimize funding for new projects, city optimization, charities, and external participants
Active participation
Citizens and project participants make the decisions and manage the development of the city, its economy, and its data
principles and frameworks
Personal consumption and contribution
Everyone consuming community resources is responsible for intellectual, ideological, and decision-making contributions
Information distribution and active participation of citizens in project development, using expertise and input to determine levels of influence
Project outcomes and relevant data are shared with the global community to inspire local and global changes
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Date: Q4 2022

The Head

Art residency, neo-food court, multi-functional space, all-ages playgrounds, ateliers, and artist studios will share the principles of Burning Man and incorporate radical expression and creativity in this spiral-shaped space.
Date: Q4 2022


The 12,000 sqm oceanfront site will feature a creative hub with a venue for festivals and events, an exploratory playground, and dining in a dreamy artscape of biomimicry and organic architecture.
Date: Q4 2022


Ten eco-villages will be home to a maximum of 2000 long-term residents on the territory. Open to any existing communities to participate or propose concepts to return to the roots of cohabitation and collaboration.
Date: Q4 2022


An immersive experience park curating fantastic environments, events, and humans that blend spirituality, education, and creativity to nourish a new era of holistic humans, artists, and radical expression.
Date: Q4 2022


A sanctuary for people to find peace, reconnect with nature, and learn about the world’s ancient healing technologies through natural elements, plants, and energies to heal our minds, bodies, and souls.
Date: Q4 2022


Integrating traditional learning methods and current technological advances, our focus is the holistic development of the modern human from spiritual growth and meta-skills to hard skills and academics.
Date: Q4 2022


The world’s first Phygital cluster, merging physical and digital to improve our current technologies, will include NFT art galleries, AR&VR platforms, onsite working spaces, live-in studios, experiences, and events.
Date: Q4 2022

Magic gardens

Sustainable agri-tech showcase and production gardens, aquaponics, water management, composting, community gardens, education space encompassing regenerative food production, environmental restoration, and preservation.
Date: Q4 2022

The Soul

Hosting 150 commercial and art spaces spread out over three levels, the Soul is a multifaceted experience of a new urban market area and a space for businesses to connect in a uniquely interactive and inclusive way.
Where we are
Magic gardens
The Soul
Situated on prime Bali coastline in the regency of Tabanan, the Nuanu City is conveniently located 15 minutes from Canggu and 45 minutes from an international airport.
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Stages of development

Join us in making an impact
We’re always looking for collaborators.
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Magic Garden
Event area
Soul area
Head area
Harmony area
Education area
Improvement area
Heart area






Suara Festival

Suara is about making noise and raising our voices in a whole-hearted effort toward changing our shared future on this planet. We are calling You to join the conversation about how we can sustainably move forward in Bali, with thoughts about the whole world.
date   /
14–15 May (finished)
location   /
Nuanu Events Area
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What we do

Architecture integrated into the environment

A change from within
The quickest way anyone can build, move, and live in symbiosis with their surrounding environment is to be present in that ecosystem

Building the first homebase on site

The challenge
Five groups are working with an allocated art grant budget to design and build their first micro-village communities on site

Social symbiosis and contemporary village living

The idea
An opportunity for people with shared values to come together in developing, testing, and implementing new methods of coexistence

Environmental restoration and preservation

Regenerative and sustainable
Utilizing the world’s leading technologies, established and experimental, to reinvent agricultural and horticultural processes

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